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Where's the outrage for Nigerians killed by Boko Haram?

To the editor: I have no sympathy for the scoundrels who perpetrated the violence in France, but on the same day that more attacks occurred there, several hundred people (or possibly a few thousand), including women and children, were massacred in Nigeria by Boko Haram — and news of this was stuck on Page A3. ("Hundreds said killed by Boko Haram in attacks in northeastern Nigeria," Jan. 9)

In one day, a number of people, possibly approaching the number killed on 9/11, were slaughtered, and yet the headliner is the tragedy in France. When would the editors express their humanity and outrage for those killed in Nigeria as you have for those killed in Paris? Are the African victims somehow lesser humans?

It is the job of the Fourth Estate to bring a sense of disgust and urgency to a matter so that readers are informed.

Tony Cummings, Rancho Cucamonga

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