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Boko Haram's excuse: God made me do it

To the editor: It seems this God fellow is responsible for a lot of killing around the world. ("Leader of Boko Haram says God told him to carry out massacre," Jan. 21)

Growing up in Belfast, I witnessed Protestant Christians killing innocent Catholic Christians and vice versa. In Iraq, it's Muslims slaughtering Muslims. In the former Yugoslavia, it was Christians killing Muslims.

And now this blood-thirsty thug in Nigeria, the leader of Boko Haram, says God told him to cut the throats of schoolboys, kidnap schoolgirls and massacre whole villages.

Didn't the biblical Abraham take his son Isaac up a mountain to kill him as a sacrifice for God? He should've been arrested right there and the God concept exposed for what it is: nonsense. Instead, more than half of all humans adhere to the Abrahamic religions. And we wonder why people kill each other with a clear conscience.

The sooner people get over the "God madness," the better off the world will be.

Shane Brolly, Sherman Oaks

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