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In police-involved shootings, facts are victims

To the editor: Your editorial is balanced and thoughtful. Not every officer-involved shooting is justified, nor is every one unjustified. ("How to ensure impartial investigations of officers' deadly force?," Editorial, Jan. 26)

As a lawyer, I appreciate your recognition that even the most emotionally charged controversies may come down to dry facts. We need to get past the knee-jerk reactions of both the left and the right.

If we allow predetermined and ultimately arbitrary ideological categories to control the outcome of a matter as delicate as a police shooting, we will have deprived ourselves of the sober and deliberative due process to which a potential claimant or a potential defendant is entitled.

We must never allow either our emotions or our location on the political spectrum to override impartial investigations and the ultimate rule of law.

Edward Tabash, Beverly Hills

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