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Scott Walker's vanilla flavor won't appeal to the masses

To the editor: Americans may enjoy plenty of vanilla ice cream, but they don't like the same bland flavor in their national politicians. The plain fact is that Republican Scott Walker — whose acceptability as a politician Jonah Goldberg compares to vanilla ice cream — is uninspiring and as dull as dishwater. ("The vanilla power of Republican Scott Walker," Op-Ed, Feb. 2)

Walker's claim to fame as Wisconsin's governor is that he stood up to the public unions there and then survived a recall election. It was obvious that most voters in "liberal" Wisconsin weren't enthused with the recall itself or the union's demands. Walker's recall victory may have put him one step ahead of Gray Davis, but it certainly doesn't make him presidential material.

Currently, there are no real front-runners for the GOP nomination. Walker has proved that he can win elections in his home state, but so have his potential rivals.

Despite his success in Wisconsin, I don't believe "a big scoop of Walker" will be palatable to the general public.

Charles Reilly, Manhattan Beach

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