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The Republican Party deserves Donald Trump

To the editor: While worrying about a Donald Trump nomination, Jonah Goldberg he misses the point. ("A Rubio-Cruz ticket may be the only way to stop Donald Trump," Opinion, Feb. 23)

The GOP has done this to itself. By encouraging the hateful rhetoric and anti-government vitriol of Fox News and others, the party has set the stage for Trump.

Less educated, working-class whites are afraid of the demographic and cultural changes coming because it means the loss of their status as members of the preferred class. The GOP has taken advantage of this by whipping up fear and anger among them. Along comes their savior Trump, who tells them what they want to hear.

The monster is loose, Dr. Frankenstein. Your creature is going to kill you.

Paul Moser III, Studio City


To the editor: A Rubio-Cruz ticket? No way. In the three most recent examples where a presidential aspirant announced a potential running mate before the national convention — Robert Taft-Douglas MacArthur (1952), Ronald Reagan-Richard Schweiker (1976) and Jerry Brown-Jesse Jackson (1992) — the would-be nominees lost.

More important, Americans have had it with the conservative orthodoxy that Sens. Marco Rubio (Fla.) and Ted Cruz (Texas) represent. No abortions without exceptions for rape or incest, enforcement of federal law banning marijuana over states' rights, undoing the recent rapprochement with Cuba in favor of a continuation of the prohibitions against travel to and trade with that country — these ideas have come and blessedly gone.

Hillary Clinton will have a tough time against Trump. But against a couple of lightweights like Rubio and Cruz? Piece of cake.

Les Zador, Encino


To the editor: Goldberg's commentary suggests that Republicans are now trying to find the best of the worst.

A candidate's ability, qualifications and practice of statesmanship seem to be missing from the list of Republican voters' prerequisites.

Ken Johnson, Pinon Hills 

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