Stop and thank a cop
Police officers pass a man with a flag for a cape as protesters at Los Angeles Police Department headquarters rally to express their anger over the fatal police shooting of an unarmed homeless man on Sunday. (David McNew / Getty Images)

To the editor: I was disappointed that while some writers criticized the Los Angeles Police Department, not one expressed relief or gratitude that an officer was not harmed during the confrontation on skid row Sunday. ("Police need better ways to handle confrontations with the homeless," letters, March 3)

Most of us get up every day to earn money and provide for our families; the men and women in law enforcement get up to protect us. We make a mistake, and we might lose some money or rework a project. When an officer makes a decision, a life is on the line. How these brave people do this regularly is beyond comprehension.


If it cannot be found on the front page of our paper, maybe I can get it in here: To every person in law enforcement, thank you for putting yourself between us and harm.

Mike Iachelli, Pomona


To the editor: What I don't understand is why it takes several strong, armed policemen to surround a Tasered suspect and subdue the man.

A flailing suspect might be reaching for a policeman's gun or just flailing. Originally the guns didn't seem to be in use or needed.

Why not devise a way to solve this problem short of executing the suspect?

Eileen Haussmann, Torrance


To the editor: Years ago if a cop saw a kid with a gun, he would probably smile knowing it was a toy. Today cops must feel that anyone of any age may be armed, whether that person is in a car, in the street, on campus or in a school, store or restaurant.

This may well put fear in every cop that almost everyone an officer encounters may be a potential shooter. This pervasive threat may account for police shooting unarmed citizens.

Bert Eifer, Northridge

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