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Racist Oklahoma frat house gets the punishment it deserves

To the editor: When fraternities and their members misbehave on college campuses, they have historically been handled with kid gloves by college administrators. This is because administrators are fearful of jeopardizing contributions from wealthy fraternity alumni. ("University of Oklahoma ousts fraternity over racist chant caught on video," March 9)

Therefore, it was quite refreshing to observe the reactions of the University of Oklahoma administration to the abhorrent racist actions of the members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. The termination of this fraternity on the Oklahoma campus would seem to be a fitting punishment for this dastardly display of overt racism.

But other questions remain. How is it that white fraternities exist at Oklahoma and other infamous schools?

Bob Lentz, Sylmar


To the editor: In an otherwise exhilarating article about an Oklahoma fraternity being banned due to a racist video, there is a telling comment that took some of the wind out of the sails of justice.

An editor at the Oklahoma Daily student paper stated that students were "astounded that someone would be so blatant." It sounds like the institutional racism on this campus may well continue, just not so "in your face."

Judy Melton, Pasadena


To the editor: Thank you for featuring this article on your front page. How very sad that this incident involving college students occurred on the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday and the day our president spoke in Selma, Ala., so eloquently about the past, present and future of civil rights in our country.

We still have many bridges to cross.

Janet Holmes, San Clemente

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