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Could a President Hillary Clinton be trusted on e-mail security?

To the editor: Let's put aside the rather remarkable ruse that Hillary Rodham Clinton did not want to carry two email devices when she was secretary of State and therefore used a private account for conducting government businesses. After all, most smartphones can be programmed to handle multiple email addresses. ("Hillary Clinton tries to end controversy over private email account," March 10)

Rather, let's consider Clinton's contention that she used her personal email server for convenience. Otherwise put, the United States secretary of State breached security protocols with tens of thousands of emails for four years for her personal convenience.

What security breaches would arise for her convenience if she were president?

Mark S. Greenfield, Los Angeles


To the editor: As a retired federal employee who was responsible for information security, I know that use of a private email account for government business is not an acceptable practice. Clinton surely knew that her use of a home server for her government emails was a potentially risky thing for her to do.

Most federal employees who have a government email account carry two electronic devices, one for work and one for personal affairs. To hear Clinton claim that her personal convenience prompted her to do all her business on one device strains credulity.

Actually, she would have been better off sending personal messages on her government email account. Then the messages would have been archived and not subject to being hacked. However, that would have allowed all her emails to be subject to lawful scrutiny — something she evidently did not want to have happen.

Neal Rein, Westlake Village


To the editor: Did Clinton authorize the break in and bugging of an opposition party office? Did she secretly trade arms for hostages with Iran? Did she use mythical weapons of mass destruction to lie us into a disastrous war in Iraq?

No, Clinton's crime was that she may have used the wrong email account.

Political scandals are not what they used to be, but that doesn't stop the conservative corporate media, including the Times, from trying to cook one up.

Kevin P. Smith, Newbury Park


To the editor: Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn which email address or server or whatever device Clinton used. Most emails, personal and business, are useless gibberish better left unsaid.

Step away from the keyboard and pick up the phone or meet face to face. It's much more productive and builds relationships far better than an email or a text or a bad 140-character haiku.

Stephany Yablow, North Hollywood

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