Pro and con on the ATF's proposed bullet ban

To the editor: Is there a rational person out there who really believes that the average Joe should be able to buy "cop-killer" bullets? ("Ban these 'cop killer' bullets," editorial, March 12)

Many in Congress have repeatedly demonstrated their disregard for the general public by failing to consider any potentially life-saving firearms and ammunition regulations. Now we know that their disregard for human life extends to law enforcement too.


It's disgraceful.

Loren Lieb, Northridge


To the editor: I write to express strong disagreement with The Times' editorial on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives giving up on its proposal to ban certain kinds of ammunition.

How would your editorial board respond to a law limiting your freedom to express your thoughts? Surely, you would demand a change in the Constitution, not a simple statutory change to remove your right to freely express ideas.

Why do you seek to deprive me of my 2nd Amendment rights through a mere rule change?

Herbert C. Haber, Northridge

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