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Ted Cruz's dream, America's nightmare

To the editor: After reading about his 2016 campaign announcement, I'll translate Sen. Ted Cruz's sound bites into reality:

"Imagine a president eager for another war in the Middle East, this time with Iran. Imagine a president who will get rid of the IRS so even more of the tax burden can be lifted from the rich and borne by ordinary citizens. Imagine a president who will re-empower health insurance companies to deny coverage for preexisting medical conditions and strip coverage from 15 million newly insured Americans. Imagine a president who wants to uphold the sacrament of marriage by not extending it to all loving couples, and whose notion of liberty gives employers the right to make contraception decisions for their employees."

Imagine the nightmare of a Ted Cruz presidency.

Mitchell Zimmerman, Palo Alto


To the editor: Reading how much Cruz wants to backslide this country can make an agnostic turn into a devout "champion for Christ," to use the words of Liberty University, where Cruz announced his candidacy.

Christ — there is a guy who empathized with his fellow man. He championed women's rights, cared for the sick and strongly believed in "do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Cruz presented no such healing hands.

Barbara Porter, Palm Desert

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