Terrorist-sheltering Gaza Strip doesn't deserve sympathy

To the editor: The Times fails to point out the reality of the situation in the Gaza Strip. ("Seven months after Gaza war, devastation remains, wounds are still fresh," March 21)

The article states, "Israel says that if building materials arrived unchecked, they would find their way into the hands of Hamas for more tunnel building." Israel says? Look at the facts, and I would say that the recent past speaks for itself: Tunnels for use by terrorists to attack Israelis are exactly what the building materials, supplied by Israel, were used for.

Further, the article does not mention the innocent Israelis who have been killed by Palestinian terrorists. I guess that they are not worth mentioning, as Israelis have not sought out sympathy like the Palestinians have.

Rather, the Israelis have taken a barren desert and turned it into a thriving, modern wonder.


Tara Kaiserman, Sherman Oaks


To the editor: The last paragraph of the story, which contains a quote by a dejected young Palestinian, tells the story. The Palestinians of Gaza have chosen hatred and war over diplomacy and peace.

This David and Goliath story doesn't end like the one in the Bible. The tiny enclave of Gaza cannot defeat the much larger and well-armed Israel. In fact it is only Israel's forbearance that allows Gaza to survive at all.

The young Palestinian wants to have a better life and make something of himself. If only the Gazans all felt that way, faced reality and made peace with Israel, they might have the opportunity to do just that.

Paul Moser III, Studio City

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