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Imagining a Ted Cruz presidency — and a stronger America

To the editor: To use language similar to a reader opposed to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) ("Ted Cruz's dream, America's nightmare," Readers React, March 24):

Imagine a president eager to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power and what that means for the free world. Imagine a president who will get rid of the IRS and implement a tax code that will require everyone to pay a fair percentage tax rate above an established minimum income level.

Imagine a president who will re-empower health insurance companies to implement sound insurance principles as opposed to allowing people who wait until they are sick to buy policies, thus pushing up the cost for the rest of us. Imagine a president who believes that marriage is for a man and a woman and not for two members of the same gender. Imagine a president who stands up for all of those unborn babies and their right to life.

Imagine the move to greatness and the return to constitutional law under a Ted Cruz presidency.

Doug Allen, Rancho Palos Verdes

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