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Pro football as a diversion from 2016 politicking

To the editor: Can't The Times find more newsworthy items for the front page than speculation on whether next year's professional football franchises in the NFL might feature an L.A.-based team? Really, the 2016 season won't begin for another 17 months. ("With 3 NFL teams and 2 stadiums at play for L.A., here are 9 possible outcomes," April 7)

On second thought, if The Times plans to have football preempt front-page space that otherwise would go to 2016 presidential election speculation, I'm fine with that.

After all, next year's national election won't be held until two months after the NFL season kicks off. And heaven knows we have more reason to root for a hometown football team — whether it's the Rams, Raiders or Chargers — than to support anyone from the current crop of likely presidential candidates.

Robin Groves, Pacific Palisades

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