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LAUSD's missed opportunity to close Latino literacy gap

To the editor: Please forward your editorial on the literacy gap faced by Latino toddlers to the Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education. It has already cut half of the School Readiness Language Development Programs (SRLDP) in our district. The rest of the programs will soon be cut, effectively denying preschool to thousands of kids every year. ("How to even the educational playing field for Latino kids," editorial, April 7)

A few years ago, the parent education component was eliminated from the program. This was a mistake because it provided parents with information and strategies to help their children become successful learners in kindergarten and beyond. Since then, the board spent millions on iPads and a new student information system, both of which had disastrous results.

Research shows that children who have quality early-childhood learning experiences have a better academic future. This one is a no-brainer that won't require millions in consultant fees to fix.

For the sake of thousands of young learners in Los Angeles, the district should restore the SRLDP.

Pat Raimo, Granada Hills

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