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Judith Miller did her job badly, sexism or not

To the editor: The Judith Miller "no apologies" book tour is playing up sexism, apparently because her disinformation campaign against her critics has had little success so far, and blaming her faulty reporting before the Iraq war on her "sources." ("Judith Miller: Sexism hindered, and helped, me," op-ed, April 20)

The New York Times, her former employer, never named her as directly responsible for swallowing hook, line and sinker the Bush administration leaks about supposed weapons of mass destruction in the months prior to the Iraq war. It could have, since she wrote or co-wrote 10 of the 28 stories the newspaper says were rushed into print with too little skepticism.

As a former journalist, I have seen far too much sexism in the newsroom, but all of us were on the same footing when it came to blunders. The practice is to apologize and do better in the future.

Perhaps her "no regrets" method will work in her new job as a commentator on Fox News, but to me it shows a disconnect with reality.

John Brooks, Oak View

The writer was a CBS radio reporter for 34 years.

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