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Refill aquifers with treated wastewater

To the editor: I take issue with George Skelton's column in which he rebukes any mention of importing water to California from other states. ("Import our water from wetter climes? It's a pipe dream," April 27)

We are in a serious drought and we should intelligently discuss all types of solutions. Of course a pipeline would be expensive; of course it would take years to construct; and of course it would take a lot of negotiation. But what resolution to any difficult issue is easy?

Here's another solution (albeit a partial one): Each day the city of Los Angeles' Hyperion Treatment Plant dumps millions of gallons of almost potable water into the Pacific Ocean. Why not let this water filtrate through the ground to refill our aquifers?

The city spent hundreds of millions of dollars to construct the plant, and it works as designed. It is a shame to waste this water.

Edward Schaack, Los Angeles

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