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The Clintons are rich and powerful. Get over it

To the editor: Jonah Goldberg gives us what appears to be an accurate and rather comprehensive record of Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton's long record of impropriety or appearance of impropriety. He tells us that the Clintons don't accept that the standard that public servants should avoid even the appearance of impropriety applies to them. ("The Clintons lower the bar – again," op-ed, April 27)

But Goldberg doesn't seem to take into account that however the Clintons may or may not have behaved, their record of success politically, personally and monetarily has been rare and impressive. What they've done, like it or not, has worked. Certainly, it's worked for them.

What exactly is it that Hillary and Bill Clinton don't get? I suggest that the headline for Goldberg's column would more appropriately read, "What I don't get."

Ronald Rubin, Santa Monica

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