Hollywood's unfairness to female directors indicates a larger problem

To the editor: Kudos to The Times for making the disparity in Hollywood a front-page story and detailing so graphically the paucity of women represented in the industry. It is appalling, especially given the liberal stance so many in the industry claim. ("Female film directors are on outside looking in, but will ACLU flip the script?," May 13)

Women represent more than 50% of the population, and we still do not have equal opportunities, equal pay or a law to guarantee them.


It is unfathomable to me as I watch young women struggle with the same issues I confronted in my early days in the 1980s, not just in show business but in every industry, with pay comparable to what I received — except the cost of housing is several times what it used to be.

Women no longer have the choice of working or not — it is absolutely necessary for women to work. Please continue to place this story front and center, as women are the last class to get this very needed attention.

Veronica Coyne, Los Angeles


To the editor: Let me understand this: If a studio has a $100 million picture, will it soon have to seek approval of the director from the artistic geniuses at the American Civil Liberties Union and the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission?

Goodbye California movie industry and hello Vancouver.

Robert Rosenthal, Burbank


To the editor: I commend the ACLU for its current actions regarding the lack of female and minority directors in Hollywood.

But I believe this advocacy group should have taken a stand long ago against the cultural and gender inequalities embedded in Hollywood's film and television industry. Such practices continue to dominate the entertainment industry, both on the screen and behind the scenes.

Moreover, if needed changes remain unresolved, perhaps the Justice Department should revisit its past rulings. Better yet, call in the United Nations Human Rights Commission.

Louisa B. Caucia, Montrose

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