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Sepp Blatter's disingenuous resignation statement

To the editor: Well, well. Gee, Sepp Blatter, if the crime happened on your watch, and you were in the prime position of authority to thwart it, and you did nothing except allow it to continue, becoming adept at evading responsibility, what makes you think that the world is going to believe you when in your moment of guilty clarity, when your lawyers finally get it into your head that you're busted, you solemnly swear, "It is my deep care for FIFA and its interests, which I hold very dear, that has led me to take this decision"? ("FIFA President Sepp Blatter's resignation stuns soccer world," June 2)

Nothing has a more disingenuous ring than a hastily prepared mea culpa by someone who has someone else's words written for him. So utterly tacky.

Lincoln Gable Riley, Culver City


To the editor: If the charges by the U.S. government against soccer governing body FIFA are true, money has indeed corrupted people in the hierarchy of soccer. But judging by the aggressive investigation, soccer is evidently more important than government.

Pray tell, how doesn't money corrupt our electoral system with the billions spent by so few who select who we get to vote for? Then there are those 28,000 registered lobbyists with bulging wallets in Washington asking for favors, paying dividends to our members of Congress while they're in office and when they retire.

Ken Johnson, Piñon Hills, Calif.


To the editor: It seems Blatter is already parroting Captain Renault's tongue-in-cheek claim that he is "shocked, shocked" that there is corruption in FIFA.

And we all know how that movie turned out.

Richard Sakai, Culver City

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