How 'ripple-free' was Jeb Bush's trip to Europe?

To the editor: The article states that "Jeb Bush can boast that his ripple-free trip to three European nations this week proved he is capable of striding without stumbling on a global stage." ("Jeb Bush makes it through Europe unscathed, if not more popular at home," June 12)

In Poland, Bush met with the man who had been the foreign minister. This man has been exposed for privately saying that relations with the United States are worthless, using obscenities to express his opinions. He said that American leaders were "losers, complete losers."


This man had recently moved from the Polish Foreign Ministry to the speakership of parliament. He resigned his post in disgrace the day before Bush met with him.

In a news conference after the meeting, Bush was asked about this situation and remarked that he believed that the now-disgraced man, out of office, believes in a strong relationship with the United States.

This is not unlike George W. Bush looking into Vladimir Putin's eyes and seeing his soul.

How on Earth is this "ripple-free"?

Linda Alexander, San Pedro


To the editor: Is this how we choose elected officials? We prefer ones that don't screw up?

I prefer candidates traveling overseas who, no matter what else they do, speak positively about the United States, our government and our way of life. I do not measure the success of a trip on not having screwed up.

Kevin Cronin, Laguna Woods

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