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DNA evidence and the O.J. Simpson trial

Justice SystemTrials and ArbitrationO.J. Simpson

I enjoyed reading Patt Morrison's interview with lawyer Barry Scheck. For years I have wondered if I had been unfair to Scheck in considering him a hypocrite for devaluing DNA evidence in the O.J. Simpson trial while using it as a mainstay in his worthy goal of exonerating innocent victims of wrongful convictions. ("Barry Scheck on the O.J. trial, DNA evidence and the Innocence Project," Op-Ed, June 17)

Scheck tells us that the Simpson defense team did not challenge the reliability of DNA testing, only the manner in which it was collected and analyzed. I believe he is being disingenuous. Scheck misled the unsophisticated jurors to the untrue idea that DNA degraded by poor collection and preservation measures could somehow turn the "real killer's" DNA into Simpson's.

It would have been fascinating to read Scheck's answer if he had been asked for his opinion as to whether his contribution to Simpson's acquittal was consonant with the truth.

Cyril Barnert

Los Angeles

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Justice SystemTrials and ArbitrationO.J. Simpson
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