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Provide more foreign news

To the editor: After the senseless tragedy in Charleston, S.C., I resolved to read more foreign news, especially from the other advanced, developed democracies. 

It would be a perverse comfort to know that the ridiculous problems we have in this country, which are somehow impossible to solve, also exist in older and ostensibly wiser countries too. And that their people, like ours, shake their heads in disbelief over their governments and politicians.

Doyle McManus reports on a little bit of that when he observes that the French have their own word, “la morosite,” meaning “national funk.” ("A French take on the U.S. presidential race," column June 24)

Can The Times expand its coverage of news in other first-world nations? You know, so Americans don't feel like our country is “exceptional” in exactly the wrong way.

Zareh Delanchian, Tujunga

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