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So, L.A., what's your sign?

To the editor: I applaud the debate (“How not to regulate signs in L.A.,” Editorial, June 29) on what to do about the many large commercial signs within our city; I support our city attorney in removing the many unauthorized or illegal signs at the expense of the businesses that posted them, plus a fine for trespassing and causing blight. And I hope to see a reasonable deal for the future that benefits the city without regard to political favors.

But it is also my hope that our City Council addresses the proliferation of the smaller, street-corner commercial signs posted, again and again, by various businesses seeking to buy houses or junk cars or teach swimming, etc. The bureau that is responsible for removing and citing offenders is underfunded, overwhelmed or simply mismanaged, for it does not cite nor police this ongoing mess. As part of whatever billboard deal is made, I hope our city finds a way to better manage this issue.

Ben Tenn, Northridge

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