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The great escape of 'El Chapo'

To the editor: What was the most telling sentence in the article reporting the escape of “El Chapo”? (“Mexico is mortified by escape,” July 13)

I vote for this one: “After a time, when he never reappeared, the alert was sounded and he couldn't be found.”

One can imagine the prison officials staring at their watches (probably very expensive ones) and, “after a time,” the most senior among them (with the best watch) saying, “OK fellows, he should be out the other end by now. Sound the alert.”

Ted Labrenz, Morro Bay


To the editor: Maybe Gov. Jerry Brown could engage Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman to build tunnels under the delta, thereby keeping him busy in productive work instead of brokering drug deals.

Bart Hake, Santa Ana


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