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George Zimmer: You like the way he talks

To the editor: Fantastic interview with George Zimmer. (“Millionaire mensch,” Column, July 8) He is my kind of patriot.

Not only does he put his money where his mouth is, his description of how and when the problem with U.S. financial inequality started is right on target.

The philosophical viewpoint that a corporation's sole purpose is to make money for its shareholders and can therefore ignore all other stakeholders (customers, employees, vendors) needs to be repudiated if the United States is ever to return to a state of economic fairness.

Brent Vanderwood, Mission Viejo


To the editor: The well-dressed Zimmer speaks truth to power. How can the average Joe not be corroded with cynicism when our leaders, our politicians, our courts and our corporate executives all act with impunity?

We've become a “smash and grab” society that is “all me, all the time.” This amoral behavior is sowing the seeds of revolution.

J. H. Benson, Altadena

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