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Judges can't do their jobs without adequately funded courts

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To the editor: Gov. Jerry Brown's outstanding appointments to the California trial and appellate courts will strengthen the judiciary. However, in order to assure access to justice, these judges need open courtrooms and sufficient staff. ("With Cuéllar, Brown makes another solid choice for state's high court," Editorial, July 27)

Unfortunately, $1 billion has been cut from the judiciary's budget since 2008. This year, the governor and the Legislature restored $100 million. Though helpful, it is not enough.

California Supreme Court Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye has issued her "Three-Year Blueprint for a Fully Functioning Judicial Branch." Justice demands that we reinvest in our justice system by funding our courts, as the blueprint proposes.

Terry Friedman, Santa Monica

The writer is a former judge of the Los Angeles Superior Court and member of the California Judicial Council.

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