Simple solution for TWC-Dodgers standoff: a la carte cable

To the editor: There's a simple solution for the 70% of the Los Angeles market currently unable to watch Dodgers games because of the standoff between Time Warner Cable and other distributors. Just as we do with every other product in the stream of commerce, let's allow those consumers who want SportsNet LA to buy it. And let's not force those who don't want SportsNet LA to pay for it. ("FCC should help reach deal to end Dodgers TV standoff, lawmakers say," July 27)

No other industry forces its customers to pay for scores of unwanted products to get the handful of products they do want.


It is high time the cable cartel cease its extortion-like business practices and moves instead into the free marketplace.

Tim Winter, Los Angeles

The writer is president of the Parents Television Council.


To the editor: Let's face it: This problem of the Dodgers on TV could be solved were it not for the incredible greed and arrogance of the Dodgers owners, coupled with the equal traits of Time Warner Cable.

Neither of these companies is interested in the customer; their one and only concern is the almighty dollar.

Shame on both of them.

Sandra Stubban, Stanton