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Orange County Great Park is a work in progress

To the editor: In September, major construction will be underway at the Orange County Great Park, a public-private partnership bringing significant change to a blighted, former military base. After years of little progress, this will offer one square mile of public amenities, including a 176-acre sports complex, a 41-acre Bosque with hiking and biking trails, a golf course and a grand entrance memorializing and honoring veterans. ("What happened to Orange County's Great Park?," Editorial, July 29)

With this significant movement forward, we'll have about 600 acres of undeveloped parkland still to design. The Great Park Board will soon discuss features for the remaining acreage: an amphitheater, a lake, museums, a library and a state-of-the-art animal care center.

We're in the process of a Great Park audit, reviewing past expenses and former operational practices, ensuring we build our park with the highest fiscal standards and best business practices. Our Great Park will be for all Orange County residents.

Christina Shea, Irvine

The writer is chairwoman of the Orange County Great Park board of directors.

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