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Tomas Young: the war veteran who waged peace

To the editor: There is no greater legacy to the courageous life Tomas Young led after his grievous injuries from service in the Iraq war than that captured so brilliantly by Phil Donahue and Ellen Spiro in the documentary "Body of War." No other film has so touched my life; the emotions experienced, not only as a citizen but also as a mother, were overwhelming. ("Tomas Young dies at 34; soldier became antiwar activist after paralyzing injury," Nov. 11)

Young was one very humble but extraordinary man, as is his mother, Cathy Smith. I had the good fortune to speak with Young several years ago and to meet Donahue, Spiro and Smith — remarkable individuals all.

My wish is that the president and every member of Congress would hear the messages that Young delivered and see what he endured before we commit more young men and women to engage in war.

Young joins Ron Kovic as true heroes in political courage for their determination to wage peace.

Alice Lynn, Pacific Palisades

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