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'Shirtstorm' lesson: It's not OK to diss women with a shirt

To the editor: It's a first for me to agree with Jonah Goldberg: Rosetta project scientist Matt Taylor's infamous shirt was "unsuitable professional attire." ("The feminist freakout over the scientist's 'girly' shirt," Op-Ed, Nov. 17)

But although Goldberg wouldn't wear it to a nice restaurant (would he wear it to a lousy restaurant?), he likes the shirt.

Really? Would he like a shirt depicting African Americans shucking and jiving? Would he wear it to a restaurant, even a dive? Would he admit it in print? Why is it OK to depict demeaning images of women?

Yes, it's about respect, Mr. Goldberg and Mr. Taylor. If you really must have a shirt like that, knock yourself out and wear it at home. But keep it to yourself, thank you very much. When you're out in public, just pretend you respect women. It's a start.

Sarah Tamor, Santa Monica

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