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Small countries take the lead on climate change

To the editor: I appreciate your reporting this. It is sad to see so many climate skeptics trying to hide their heads under the sea ice, and it is especially tragic that the most vulnerable nations are the least responsible for the problem. ("2014 set to be hottest year on record, U.N. climate agency reports," Dec. 3)

The low-lying Marshall Islands and other small, vulnerable states are showing the way to break the "you go first" deadlock that has prevented the larger carbon-producing nations from moving quickly. The Marshall Islands is actually solarizing 95% of its vast island communities.

It is past time for us to follow these small states that will disappear under the sea if the world does not act. Negotiators from more than 190 nations are meeting now in Peru to prepare for real commitments.

It is so important that our people understand that climate change is real and only reversible if we act immediately.

Roselva Ungar, Santa Clarita

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