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Don't let the religious zealots win their war against intelligence

To the editor: How many more times do I have to open the newspaper to read that students have been massacred? This is an atrocious genocide upon the defenseless around the world, conducted by ignorant cowards, often religious zealots and misogynists. If we're not careful, they'll win this war against intelligence. ("Militant attack on Pakistan school kills 132 children, nine staffers," Dec. 16)

We corral our students into structures around the globe where guns and bullying are banned. Tolerance and appreciation for our diverse cultures is promoted, and yet our students are sitting ducks for these wretched hyenas.

This massacre occurred in Pakistan. But where lie the dozens of students abducted in Mexico? Where are the kidnapped girls in Nigeria?

It's not just terrorist hot spots where this occurs. It's also Scotland, Germany and Canada. And what about Columbine and Sandy Hook?

John C. Wood, Pasadena


To the editor: Having traveled to Peshawar, Pakistan, multiple times in the past to visit close family, I was shocked, angered and saddened to see the senseless killing of schoolchildren by Taliban cowards.

As a Muslim, I condemn this attack. My heart goes out to the families.

This act of unspeakable violence was performed under the guise of Islam. But this is not even close to what Islam truly represents. The Koran clearly condemns such violent acts when it states, "Whosoever kills an innocent person … it is as if they killed all of mankind." The Taliban do not and will never represent Islam. We must not allow these weak-minded individuals to prosper in any way.

I will continue to pray for all those affected and may the responsible individuals be brought to justice.

Iftekhar Ahmad, Love Park, Ill.

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