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Little comfort for the terminally ill and their caregivers

To the editor: I wish to thank The Times and Steve Lopez for bringing to light a part of this society that no one wants to talk about. I was a caregiver to my mother for more than two years. I was abandoned by family and friends in the most difficult and stressful time in my life and my mother's life. ("Teacher juggles the different stresses of tending to a dying companion," Dec. 20)

One quickly realizes there is no safety net in this society when a loved one becomes terminally ill, and few people can even discuss the situation, let alone provide any support. Being a caregiver to a terminally ill family member is truly an existential experience, and our society needs to address this issue for the sick individual as well as the caregiver.

Until that happens, our society offers no support for those individuals who are terminally ill as well as the caregiver.

Jeffrey Lowe, Beverly Hills

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