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With Congress in the way, is action against global warming possible?

To the editor: Kudos for your editorial on the disastrous effects of methane on our fragile ecosystem and for pointing out that curtailing these emissions could "buy the planet some time" as we move toward a more comprehensive reduction of greenhouse gases. ("Putting a lid on methane from cattle," Editorial, Dec. 22)

The tragic thing is that while there are solutions at hand — such as converting manure into biofuel, changing the diet of cattle and perhaps most importantly modifying the consumption patterns of humans — there is such resistance on the part of members of Congress, the very people that we elect to look out for our best interests.

The fact that the recent spending bill explicitly forbids the federal government from gathering reliable data on the animal husbandry industry's effect on the atmosphere testifies to the corruption and greed that saturates our legislative process. Clearly this information would threaten the interests of the factory farm industry and the legislators whom they support.

Marilyn Gottschall, Long Beach

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