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Hollywood isn't a threat to America

To the editor: Hollywood and the "ordure" it produces as the source of our cultural demise is a complaint as old as, well, the movies. Although I agree that most movies are far from memorable, I suggest that those who hold this point of view, like one of Sunday's letter writers, look a little deeper for the true threats to our nation. ("Has the fuss over 'The Interview' been good for Sony's bottom line?," Readers React, Dec. 28)

Just off the top of my head, how about unregulated derivative trading, gerrymandering and voter suppression, unlimited dark money in political campaigns, an unequal education and justice system and a "news" media more interested in making a buck than informing, just to name a few?

Using Hollywood and movies as scapegoats for what ails us is a tried-and-true diversionary tactic that misdirects from the real issues of the day. But for some, apparently, it is the easy answer.

Eugene Sison, San Dimas

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