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Could 'broken windows' theory work in other situations?

To the editor: I appreciate the clarification provided by the author about the “broken windows” tactic (within the community policing strategy) and “zero tolerance.”

In the context of the controversial issues related to the recent police shootings, it is helpful. ("Patt Morrison Asks: George L. Kelling, crime fighter," Opinion, Jan. 7)

But I can’t help but wonder if all this is speaking to a symptom rather than the problem itself.

What if we use a “broken windows” approach to young men who are on the margins of society with very little promise of a future? Let’s intervene before their situations escalate — just like the tactic is used relative to stopping crime.

Yes, the problem between some people and the police is complicated and real.

But the problem goes well beyond better community relations and sensitivity training.

Warren Furutani, Gardena

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