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Just who is water-rich?

To the editor: My husband and I are denizens of the ostensibly water-rich Coachella Valley and its myriad golf courses.

It is exceedingly irksome to me that, while these courses are drinking up billions of gallons of the aquifer’s water, and several of our tourism-focused cities are building new hotels, rabbit-warren complexes and businesses (imagine all that showering and flushing!), woe to us locals caught washing our cars or over-watering our lawns.  ( “Changing Course,” Dec. 21)

We are instructed to “let the yellow mellow; flush down the brown,” install water-saving toilets and shower heads, replace our green grass with drought-resistant plants and report standing water.

And golf is so expensive during the “snowbird season” that we only play during the summer.

But “change can be hard” for the poor golfers? Does anyone notice an inequity here? Perhaps some hypocrisy?

I guess the tourism dollar reigns almighty — to heck with the rest of us.

Rebecca S. Hertsgaard, Palm Desert

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