Yes, California IS 'a different planet'

To the editor: It seems that after 25 years, David Ulin still does not understand Californians. We don’t care. If you come from Mars or Ohio it is OK.

(Re “What makes us Californians,” Opinion, Aug. 8)

We all pay taxes and cope with traffic. Getting along together is all California strives for. Welcome!

Tim Ashford, Lomita

To the editor: California is a different planet.

That is what I tell my friends and family whom I left behind on the East Coast 50 years ago. That assessment has not changed.

We are a different breed, most of us. We are different because we are open: open to new ideas, to new people, new places. We are not bound by traditions because every day is a new day, a new adventure, and we welcome it. We are constantly learning and teaching. Always in progress, always moving forward.

Barbara Schiffler, Encinitas

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