Finally, a president who expresses clear support for protesters in Iran

To the editor: It is important to highlight the difference between the Trump and Obama responses toward Iranian unrest, as the results may prove to be historic. (“Trump's backing of Iranian protesters could backfire as Tehran cracks down,” Dec. 31)

The Iranian people have long expressed a desire for change, seen by the Green Movement of 2009 that did not receive forceful support from the Obama administration. The Iran nuclear deal of 2015 unfroze billions of dollars in Iranian assets that will enrich government officials, but the people continue to lack true democracy or prosperity.

President Trump’s tweets on the ongoing Iran protests were immediate, have been daily and are likely to grow and transform into real change for Iranians. All the while, Europe’s silence is deafening and shameful and likely rooted in its financial dealings.

Trump is many things to different groups, but what he is not is a European pushover or afraid to side with the hungry and deserving people of Iran against the corrupt Revolutionary Guard lead by the supreme leader.

Michael Kendall, Azusa


To the editor: Trump tweeted that Iranians “are finally getting wise as to how their money and wealth is being stolen and squandered.” He might as well be talking about what he and his fellow Republicans have done to the American middle class with their tax plan.

Even if Democrats manage to win both houses of Congress in 2018 and Trump is impeached, nothing will change until the electorate installs a democratic president and Congress. Maybe by 2020 they will realize just how costly giving Republicans complete governing power has been.

Bob Murtha, Santa Maria

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