Don't appoint another Scalia to the Supreme Court

To the editor: Federal appeals court Judge William H. Pryor Jr. would be a terrible pick for the U.S. Supreme Court. Witness his woefully misinformed statement: “It’s a mistake to think the Bill of Rights is the most important feature of American democracy.” (“Can Trump put another Justice Scalia on the Supreme Court?” Nov. 22)

In fact, it protects citizens from the unchecked power of federal and state governments, establishing what the power of the state may not do and actually must do to safeguard individual liberty. The judge should know that the Constitution was ratified only after the founders gave assurances to George Mason from Virginia and his supporters that the Bill of Rights would be added as amendments.

Do we really want a historically ignorant judge to preside over individual rights? I for one think his myopic view disqualifies him even for consideration.

Darrell Curren, Los Angeles

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