Americans are lucky to have Sikhs as their fellow citizens

To the editor: I was a Peace Corps volunteer in northern India from 1966-68 working in agriculture. While touring the state of Punjab to look for a a source of potatoes to introduce to the farmers I was assisting, I was able to visit Amritsar and meet many Sikhs and learn of their unique religion, work ethic and culture. (“Being Sikh in Trump's America: ‘You have to go out of your way to prove you’re not a threat,’” June 11)

Now living in Bakersfield, I see Sikhs on a daily basis and sometimes attend their places of worship to experience their religious services. Bakersfield has a sister city relationship with Amritsar, of which I am a part. I am very fortunate to understand and appreciate the local Sikhs’ deep love for America.

We are lucky to have citizens and future citizens who are Sikhs. These people are just as good Americans (in some cases, better Americans) as natural-born citizens. It is too bad the rhetoric of our president creates xenophobia directed at this and other groups.

Gene Tackett, Bakersfield

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