Republican obstruction during the Obama years set up Trump for his 'accomplishments'

To the editor: Jonah Goldberg touts President Trump’s first-year achievements, starting with “a record number of judicial appointments, including a Supreme Court justice, [and] the defeat of Islamic State.” (“Trump's end-of-year accomplishment list isn't that skimpy. Of course, the party's in charge,” Opinion, Dec. 26)

Given that Republicans blocked President Obama’s judicial nominations and created a record number of vacancies, the first achievement is akin to forcefully starving a population and then declaring oneself a master chef when the people finally get to eat.

The second achievement is like declaring that the forgettable Andrew Johnson, who succeeded Abraham Lincoln as president, was actually the president who won the Civil War.

Douglas Baldwin, La Cañada Flintridge


To the editor: Goldberg touts the Republican “accomplishments” at year’s end. The thing being sold is that any accomplishment is a good thing.

Is reduced healthcare for millions of people actually a good thing? Also, Republican senators blocked a Supreme Court appointment during the Obama administration so Trump could fill a vacancy, which amounts to depriving one party of an accomplishment by using dirty politics.

And “tax reform?” A way to give working people a little so they can give the wealthy a lot — that is labeled “reform”? Note the Senate Republicans weren’t proud enough of their reform to broadcast it in advance.

Republicans once claimed to have the moral high ground. That must be far away, because I can’t see it.

Ken Hense, El Segundo

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