It's time to take away Trump's 'nuclear button'

To the editor: Surely it is evident that President Trump, who tweeted Tuesday that his nuclear “button” is bigger and more effective than North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s, must be separated from our nuclear weapons. (“Trump says his ‘Nuclear Button’ is bigger and more powerful than North Korea’s, and ‘my Button works!’” Jan. 2)

Trump is not fit to hold the office of president. Trump is behaving like a child, and we cannot let a child destroy this country.

Congress must do something, and sooner rather than later, to ensure that the president does not act on a whim. Seemingly each day he does or says something outrageous to take our thoughts away from his precarious position.

The tweet against Kim is just too much. Trump’s nuclear button must be taken away.

Leonard A. Zivitz, Fullerton


To the editor: It is about time we stop appeasing the North Korean regime. The Clinton-Bush-Obama strategy of appeasement clearly did not work, as Pyongyang is on an inevitable nuclear path.

Of course, the 1994 U.S.-North Korea deal was supposed to end the threat of nuclear proliferation from the Korean peninsula. We have known for some time about North Korea’s transgressions with regard to that deal once it got its front-loaded benefits.

It’s about time someone with a firmer hand addresses this issue.

Robert Filacchione, Fullerton


To the editor: I would like to know why it is that just one responsible government representative cannot muster the fortitude to stand up and lead a movement and the nation by stating the truth simply and clearly: Our ill-tempered president is utterly unprepared and unfit for office.

Trump must be removed from power, and not “down the road” at some unspecified future moment.

Has it become completely impossible to lead the public by expressing the obvious higher interests of the nation, regardless of party?

Ed Pinson, Monrovia

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