Trump complains about being treated unfairly — when his career is the epitome of unfairness

To the editor: I am struck by President Trump’s ongoing refusal to address issues; instead, he bemoans how unfair things are. (“Trump is showing a reluctance to take responsibility for White House chaos,” Feb. 15)

Regarding accusations that his previous national security advisor Michael Flynn improperly or illegally interacted with Russian diplomats, Trump petulantly complains that Flynn was treated “very, very unfairly by the media — the fake media.”

Clearly this is the pot calling the kettle black. Trump’s history of refusing to pay contractors for work done, cheating students in his scam university, stiffing charities out of promised money, bullying and demeaning anyone who dares criticize him, discriminating against minorities — these are the epitome of unfair treatment. Clearly, it takes one to know one.

Sharie Lieberg, Oxnard


To the editor: Trump deplores the leaks on Russia and Flynn, but only a few months ago he declared, “I love Wiki-Leaks.” Is it just a matter of sauces for geese and ganders, of gored oxen?

Legal or not, leaks deserve protection under many circumstances. Whistle-blower protection has generally been beneficial to society. Reporters are allowed to protect their sources. Remember the Pentagon Papers

Still, many believe that WikiLeaks cost Hillary Clinton the election, so they condemn leaks. There is no universal solution. The more secrecy, the more likely someone offended by it will leak the secret.

We must learn to live with leaks; it is likely they will be with us forever, so learn to think before you email.

Rick Dunn, San Diego


To the editor: It is time for Trump to be held accountable for his misdeeds. His constant vitriolic comments, whether delivered via Twitter or in person, seriously undermine his credibility. 

As the weeks go by in this new administration, it becomes increasingly evident that this emperor has no clothes. As this story evolves, it will not be surprising to see Trump at the core of the scandal.

The Trump campaign’s Russia connection should surprise no one. His refusal to release his federal tax returns only serves to undermine his credibility. 

We can only hope that one of the “fake media” outlets that Trump so despises will be able to “leak” those records. That would really give Trump something to tweet about.

Gary Tereshkow, Palm Springs

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