Middle-class champion Trump wants to allow employers to skim off their workers' tips

To the editor: With its proposed rollback of a rule on restaurant waiters’ tips in a way that could let employers skim cash from gratuities earned by their workers, the Trump administration continues its shakedown of middle- and working-class citizens. (“You’re a mean one, Mr. Trump. Your administration put a target on workers’ backs,” editorial, Dec. 21)

One wonders if there are any administration officials who have worked as servers, bellboys or limo drivers — people who rely on tips for a living. Have they walked on wood floors for hours, been subject to the whims of customers or cleaned up what patrons leave on the floor? Servers already willingly give a percentage of their tips to bus persons whom they work with.

People, let us stop this utter pettiness and cruelty to our fellow workers. You may be next.

Jane and Joseph Bove, Costa Mesa


To the editor: Tips are an anachronism. They are part of a system ripe for tax manipulation, which is probably why they continue to exist despite being dysfunctional. Employers like that they allow lower wages and, as they are often paid in cash, a percentage of employees will either not report or underreport the amounts.

In lieu of a tip, I would not mind 15% added to the price, which would provide both a source for higher wages and an incentive for employers to maintain quality. Furthermore, the funds for workers’ compensation and Social Security would grow along with tax revenue when all income is reported.

Glenn Egelko, Ventura

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