The refugees in Twin Falls, Idaho, were smeared. Trump should speak up for them.

To the editor: To say that the refugees who have been resettled in Twin Falls, Idaho, are “misrepresented” by the far right is an understatement. It is more than spreading“fake news” to lie (as Alex Jones does on InfoWars) about a community’s relationship with and dependence on its refugee population. (“Alex Jones said refugees ravaged Idaho town with disease and crime. Twin Falls says folks get along fine,” May 15)

What if President Trump directed his rage at this type of false information? Given that he has never offered a nuanced understanding of refugees in this country (or much of anything, really), it is hard to imagine that Trump would care about any story that conflicted with the message of fear that has served him so well.

Throughout the campaign and as president, Trump has demonstrated little interest in real refugees who live and work in actual towns. Such a failure endangers our communities and our nation.

Erika Wright, Mar Vista


To the editor: Thank you so much for this story on the generations of migrants who have taken refuge in Twin Falls, an inspiring example of what can happen when people open their minds and hearts.

It, along with last week’s moving article on the acceptance of immigrants in a Houston high school, has provided a much needed ray of hope in our current bleak landscape of hatred and scapegoating. As a proud “snowflake,” I want to believe that kindness and acceptance can eradicate the poison spewed by the likes of InfoWars and Breitbart — and Islamic State too, for that matter.

Sadly, as long as Trump is president, we don’t stand a chance.

Lynn Eames, Los Angeles

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