DeAndre Jordan on Dwight Howard: 'After the summer, we'll be cool again'

DeAndre Jordan on Dwight Howard: 'After the summer, we'll be cool again'
Clippers center DeAndre Jordan talks about playing against Rockets center Dwight Howard.

DeAndre Jordan and Dwight Howard are no longer talking -- for now, at least.

Before the Clippers played the San Antonio Spurs in the first round of the playoffs, Jordan called Howard to ask for some advice on handling being hacked during games.

But now that the Clippers are playing the Houston Rockets in the second round, the centers on both teams aren't quite as chatty.

"I'm not going to be fond of someone who I'm elbowing and who's elbowing me for 48 minutes, you know what I mean," Jordan said.

The Clippers and the Rockets are tied at 1-1 in their series, with Game 3 set for Friday at Staples Center at 7:30 p.m. PDT.

When Jordan was a freshman in high school, he met Howard at an NBA Top 50 camp and they became fast friends.

"Even to this day we still talk about different things, about games," Jordan said before the second-round series began. "I watch him play, he watches me."

The view is a little too close and personal now.

"We're in each other's way, and that's all that matters," Jordan said Friday. "He's still a friend of mine. We don't talk now, it's just that time of the year."

Regardless of who advances, Jordan thinks the two will recover their friendship in due time.

"After the summer, we'll be cool again," Jordan said.