With college football playoff committee in place, the real work begins

The panel has promised transparency but hasn't figured out yet what that means.

It will release at least four top-25 polls during the season to replicate the week-to-week excitement the BCS standings created.

The unassailable makeup of the committee also won't stop fans from finding personal biases among the members.

The problem is everyone associated with college football is conflicted in some manner.

There will be rules about members and their affiliated schools, but some panelists are associated with many schools.

UCLA fans are naturally going to be suspicious of Haden, while Oklahoma might suspect any decisions made on their team by Osborne.

Alvarez, Wisconsin's former coach and current AD, played at Nebraska and was an assistant coach at Notre Dame.

Tranghese, the former Big East commissioner, was incensed when the ACC plundered his league of Miami, Virginia Tech and Boston College.

Can he be unbiased when it comes to the ACC?

Cal fans, who got badly BCS-burned in 2004, will note Stanford is heavily represented by Rice and Willingham.

"We're checking our loyalties at the door," Manning assured.

The problem is no one really knows how, or if, the selection committee will work.

And just saying it's better than the BCS is not, at this point, particularly comforting.

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