Football: At Valencia, Coach Larry Muir highly recommends UCLA gear

Valencia doesn't doesn't let USC gear in his classroom

The side wall of room 616 at Valencia High pays homage to UCLA athletics with posters of Bruin football and basketball teams.

Football Coach Larry Muir played for Coach Terry Donahue at UCLA and his wife, Pam, is director of basketball operations for the women's basketball team, so Muir has a standing edict: No USC gear is permitted in his classroom.


Unfortunately, his starting quarterback, Cole Parkinson, the son of former USC lineman Brent Parkinson, decided to show up for his history class wearing a USC T-shirt.

Alarm bells went off.

"He redeemed himself by turning it inside out," Muir said.

Yes, Parkinson took one for good ol' USC, or the rest of his classmates might have had some extra homework.

USC-UCLA week is always fun in the Muir classroom.

And he still welcomes USC recruiters on campus to recruit his players.

But you can't miss the Bruin love in his classroom.