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Elle: hey Faith!

FAITH: How's everyone doing? My, projected record on this 3 game trip?

Elle: 2-1, what are the odds Sasha will see some playing time?

Andrew Kamenetzky: I'd like to think 2-1. I'd be happy with taking the first two, and whatever happens against Boston, so be it. A win would be gravy. But I do think 2-1 is more than realistic.

Andrew Kamenetzky: Not a given, but realistic.

Elle: I already miss Kwame, how long is he out for?

FAITH: Come on AK, you don't think our bench can take down the mighty (overrated) Celtics?

FAITH: I think Kobe MVP will reign once more lol

Elle: Faith that was crazy, I sat there thinking are they really saying that?

Andrew Kamenetzky: Elle, he's projected anywhere from 2-4 weeks. And not to be a "Cynical Cyrus" (a phrase I plan on immediately copywriting, so hands off, people!!! haha), but Kwame has a propensity for slow healing. I'd count on closer to a month (or more) than 2 weeks.

Showtime: Has Javaris been activated for tonights game?

xodus: Celtics overrated? The most you can say right now is we don't know how they'll fare against the west's best.

Andrew Kamenetzky: Showtime, the active list doesn't come out until an hour before the tip, so no clue about the Critter's activity (or lack thereof).

Ponch: Now that Kwame is hurt, can they still move his contract at the deadline?

xodus: Kwame should be back before the deadline

xodus: and even if he's not, any team dealing for him would want him for cap relief, probably not his play

Andrew Kamenetzky: Ponch, if it's a trade deadline deal, one the other team makes for his contract, his health won't really matter. It could make Kwame harder to trade now, since nobody wants to pick up an extra body this early in the season who can't play. But by mid-February, it won't matter.